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Mia Jets is here to offer white glove treatment and personalized concierge service. Our goal is to ensure our flyers feel that they are family and not simply a paying client chartering an airplane.

We offer full detailed services that cater to individual client needs and ensure flyers feel part of the Mia Jets Family rather than a transactional flyer.

Safety is a top priority at Mia Jets and as a new company we have set the foundation to our safety standards by working to achieve platinum ratings in Wyvern and Argus.

At Mia Jets we are creating a new industry standard by equally prioritizing aviation training and customer service relationships.

Our team is the embodiment of professionalism and personable service making you feel more at home than in the air.

Yes, Mia Jets offers a fully personalized and detailed management to ensure aircrafts run efficiently, reducing cost without compromising quality. We are prepared to provide the best outcome for any situation that arises.

We offer 24/7 customer service to accommodate difficult situation and meet client needs.

We are currently in the process of implementing jet card services, offering both perks and special rates.

Along with our aircraft management we also keep track of all maintenance and any program that aircraft has, while also ensuring each individual airplane receives quality maintenance and service.